20,000 sq/ft commercial unit in Cork

A 20,000 sq/ft commercial unit Fire Certification Cork.


20,000 sq:ft commercial unit

We carried out a pre purchase inspection and Fire Safety Certificate survey of this commercial building prior to the client purchasing it. was to make sure that the building work that was planned would comply with current Fire Safety Certificate regulations. This prevents very costly and unnecessary work being carried out later.

Office Blocks in Cork

Rental Building in Cork

Rental Office Block

We carried out a Fire Safety Certificate survey of this four storey office block located in Cork. The reason for this was to give the owner a better idea of what was required within the building prior to letting it out.

This was to make sure that the building work that was planned would comply with current Fire Safety Certificate regulations. This prevents very costly and unnecessary work being carried out.

Fire Certification Nursing Home in Cork

Fire Certification LE Drawing of Nursing Home in Cork

We completed a Fire Safety Certificate certificate application and a Disability access certificate application for this building. Fire Safety Certificate survey was carried out we organised contractors to carry out all upgrade work as required and then provided a certificate of compliance for the nursing home based in County Cork.


Fire Safety Certificate Certification Nursing Home In Cork Ireland Click to see scaled image

Fire Certification LE Drawing of Nursing Home in Cork

Landscaping in Kerry

Landscaping & Gardening in Kerry

Mowing, Landscape & Gardening Contractors in County Kerry.

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The Landscaping Experts in Kerry.

Garden Maintenance and Landscaping including Watering, fertilising and Mowing.

Garden Maintenance, Design, Construction & Landscaping in Co. Kerry.

We built in dream gardens in Keel, Milltown, Cromane, Glenbeigh, Caragh Lake, Glencar, Beaufort and Killorglin including Lawn cutting, laying & removal of moss, Garden restoration & clean up, Landscape design, Landscape construction, Garden & Ground Maintenance, Planting of trees & shrubs, Weed Control, Tree Surgery and Drainage, Driveways and Mini digger hire in County Kerry.

Our Gardening Services

Garden Needs

We are local and reliable provider of services to suit your garden.

Any Place within Kerry

Services apply to Keel, Milltown, Cromane, Glenbeigh, Caragh Lake, Glencar, Beaufort and Killorglin in Kerry.

Booking A Service

A quick call or in person. We get a feel for the customer and their needs.
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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Landscaping in Kerry All tree’s need pruning. All tree’s need pruning for a variety of reasons: · remove diseased or storm-damaged branches · thin the tree top to permit new growth and better air circulation · reduce the height of the tree (wires etc) · remove obstructing and lower branches · shape a […]

Leaf clearing and other seasonal jobs Want a general tidy up of your garden in preparation for winter or need a fence replaced Leaf clearing is a seasonal job. Once the leaves start to fall in the Autumn it’s an ongoing battle to clear them. Left to decay on your lawn, the grass will suffer […]

Maintenance and Garden Clean Up   Garden Clean Up offered to cater for your individual needs. We are very flexible with the hours you require being adjusted according to the season, and your personal requirements. Custom Garden Clean Up’s available. Individual Maintenance Our garden maintenance crew specialise in private residential work. There is No job too […]

Garden Lighting bring out the best. Make the most of your garden with our well placed, outdoor lighting to highlight the best features or illuminate paths, patios and entertainment areas in your garden. Maybe you want a Barbecue we build them too. Any stone work project we have skilled trades men for the Job.

 When, Where and How Mowing Lawns Landscaping in Kerry. The When, Where and How Mowing Lawns Most people think that the secret to a healthy green lawn has to do with chemicals they put on the grass and little else. Save yourself a lot of money and keep your lawn healthy in a natural way […]

Pinguis Website Design in Ireland Landscaping in Kerry   Welcome to free Business Website Design by Pinguis Website Design in Kerry, Cork & Ireland.

What are the best ways to deal with Weeding and Clearing Persistent Roots have to be Dug If weeds regrow, then you have a persistent root that you need to dig out. Use a spade or digging fork to dig up persistent weeds by the roots. Remove as many root pieces as you can. While weeding, […]

Landscaping Services in Kerry, Ireland Our success is built on quality of workmanship and the beauty of our landscape design, we use only the finest plants and best construction materials possible. It takes many factors to achieve a quality garden. The following is a breakdown of the different landscaping services we cover to complete a […]

Chimneys Cleaning in Cork Kerry

Get The Job Done Right First Time, Every time.

Chimney Sweepers in KerryClean Sweep Chimney Cleaning Kerry and CorkChimney Cleaning we offer a full chimney sweeping service we use the tried and tested traditional Brush.

With Our Chimney Sweeping Services, we clean all types of fires, ranges, stoves and boilers with cowls installed or repaired. Sweeping for cleaning chimneys. Cowls and chimney bird guards both supplied and fitted in Co. Kerry.

Chimney Sweeping in Cork and Kerry


We offer a professional and efficient chimney sweep service covering all area’s of Kerry and Cork.

The purpose of sweeping chimneys is to ensure that they are clear of obstruction and to clear sooty deposits, reducing the risk of a chimney fire.

Remember a Clean Chimney, is a Safe Chimney.

Chimney termination fitted is correct for the appliance and fuel type in use and that ventilation requirements.We offer a professional and efficient chimney cleaning service in Kerry.

In addition to Chimney Cleaning service we also provide the following services, Chimney Relining, Reaming & Removal of Tar, Stove Fitting, Septic Tank Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, General handyman services, Power washing, Vehicle Cleaning, Window Washing.
Contact Us for more details on our services.

 Call 087 7547-098 The Chimney Cleaning Experts in Cork and Kerry

We clean any Chimney. We provide Chimney cleaning by brush and rods in Mid Kerry

Chimney Sweep in Tralee, Killarney, Killorglin and Caherciveen.

Make a early booking and we usually will be out that day to sweep your chimney.

Chimney Clean in all area’s of Kerry

Beaufort Chimney Cleaning Services, Castlemaine Chimney Cleaning Services, Cromane Chimney Cleaning Services, Farranfore Chimney Cleaning Services, Fossa Chimney Cleaning Services, Glenbeigh Chimney Cleaning Services, Glencar Chimney Cleaning Services, Keel Chimney Cleaning Services, Killarney Chimney Cleaning Services, Killorglin Chimney Cleaning Services, Milltown Chimney Cleaning Services, Tralee Chimney Cleaning Services

Cleaning Chimneys for homes in Kerry

We Clean all types of Chimney flues using traditional technology. Ensuring that your entire chimney is thoroughly cleanse and free from any restrictions or blockages.

No Mess, no Fuss we are Cleaning Chimneys in Kerry with 20 years experience.

Affordable Prices – all our services are offered at very competitive prices, contact us for a quote.

Fire Safety Certificate Training Cork

Fire Safety Certificate Training Cork

Fire Safety Certificate Training on Request in your Area.

Fire Safety Certificate Training Courses and Certification in Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Clare and Tipperary in Ireland.

We provide a half day Fire training course. Training the participants to deal with fire in an emergency basis. It emphasises the dangers of fire, the importance of prevention, and the necessity of escape plan in action when fire breaks out.

Fire Safety Certificate Training Fire extinguisher training courses

Fire Safety Certificate Training Fire Extinguisher Training Courses

Fire Extinguisher Training in Cork and Other Counties on request.

We offer a Fire extinguisher training course that will immediately improve the quality of Fire Safety Certificate in your workplace by providing your employees with the knowledge and training to correctly select and safely use a fire extinguisher, fire blanket and fire hose reel.

Introduction and outline of course modules

  • A presentation of modules in Fire Safety Certificate training
  • Interactive question and answers session
  • Outdoor practical session using fire extinguishers
  • Summary and chance for final questions with conclusion